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Saturday Exploration Academy

Designed, created, and led the Saturday learning for 1300 TK-6 students with the support of 25 incredible teachers.

The entire 4 hour mystery driven experience is based off one launching scenario incorporating forensic science, math, literacy, engineering design challenges, and a Breakout EDU mystery puzzle (critical thinking challenge).


Parent STEAM Nights

Multigenerational learning through the discovery approach to creative problem solving and play.

Designed, created, made materials, and led Parent Exploratory Learning nights at 10 urban schools. They included: various TK-6 robots, building circuits including Squishy Circuits, Lego construction, giant decks of cards, huge cardboard tangrams, Makey Makey foot pianos, green screen discoveries, Scratch coding, and many more. The photos say it the best.

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Workshops at Conferences

Over 20 years of experience creating and leading workshops and trainings across the US, Canada, and Mexico on such topics as math, literacy, science, STEM, design thinking, leadership, coding/programming, and critical thinking.


Integrated Learning Institute

Designed, created, and led the 4 day Integrated Learning Institute (ILI) for Principal teams from 6 public school districts through the Cotsen Foundation.

It focused on weaving the NGSS Crosscutting standards through math, literacy, and social studies into meaningful hands-on, impact-driven learning experiences to transform classroom learning.

Created & Led Customized Professional Learning: Projects
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