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Managing Director and Advisor

Edtech Startup Accelerator

Advised numerous educational technology product founders and executives on iterative design, development, learning sciences research, and product market fit. Led in advisory roles at Google headquarters and served as Managing Director for

Edtech Week 2023 in NYC.  




Artificial Intelligence

Customized and led full and half-day interactive workshops on artificial intelligence for district administrators and site leaders based on the unique context and needs of each district.


Leader, Researcher, and Creator

Creative Leadership

Led across industries as Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Director of Innovation and Learning, Director of Educational Technology, Author, Principal, Principal Researcher, Executive Leadership Coach, Lead UX Strategist, and Learning Experience Creator.

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Edtech Vendor Pledge

Collaborated with colleagues as part of  the CIRCLS cohort to create the Edtech Vendor Pledge related to the use of AI in edtech products.

ASUGSV Panelist

Discussion on learning sciences, edtech, and education with Pedro Noguera (USC President), Bror Saxberg (past VP of Learning Sciences for CZI), and Michael Horn.


Edtech Accelerator

Managing Director for technology entrepreneurs participating in the StartEd Hyper Immersion Accelerator Program.

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Cotsen Principals' Tech Network - Co-Founder

Co-founded the Principals' Tech Network in 2016 for the Cotsen Foundation for the Art of Teaching in response to the gap between leadership and practice in school districts.

Digital Promise - Learner Variability Project - Adult Learner Model

Conducted all of the research, development, and creation of the strategies for the Adult Learner Model using an equity-centered framework I created for synthesizing research.

Integrated Learning Institute

Designed, created, and led the 4 day Integrated Learning Institute (ILI) for Principal teams from 6 public school districts through the Cotsen Foundation.

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Conference Creator and Organizer

Created, organized, and led teacher-designed conferences for multiple school districts to share across district lines and learn from/with each other, including TEDx, Edcamp, school district, and regional conferences.

Published Author

56 Books

Research to Practice for Educators

Synthesized research, conducted qualitative ethnographic research, then wrote books for educators guiding them on how to apply the research into practice.
Research/Practice/Publish cycle repeated 56 times: synthesize learning sciences research - design and develop - implementation and iteration - conduct qualitative ethnographic research - analyze data - improve/iterate - conduct qualitative ethnographic research - blog for input - present at trainings/conferences - publish.

Saturday Exploration Academy

Designed and led customized Saturday Exploration Academies based on experiential, discovery based learning  for school districts.

Students became the teachers and designed and taught learning experiences for their classmates. 

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Inclusive Innovation - User-Centered Design - Parent Exploratory STEAM Learning Nights

Multigenerational learning through the discovery-based approach to creative problem solving and play.​ Students became teachers of their families and teachers. 

Led inclusive design approaches to create Parent Exploratory Learning STEAM nights at 10 urban schools. 

SEE Summit 2 - Student Led Conference

Mentor/coach/advisor for a nationwide group of high school students. Over 4 months, we discussed issues related to mental health from their perspectives and facilitated the creation of a presentation/conference session for the SEE Summit 2 (Digital Promise) to help educators of all levels better understand mental health from the student perspective after 2.5+ years of the pandemic.

International Conference Workshop Speaker

Designed and led numerous international workshops on topics including: design thinking, inclusive innovation, robotics & emerging technology, entrepreneurship, technology integration, learning sciences research, helping learners thrive, learner-centered design, student-centered learning, and organizational leadership.

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Built 1st Makerspaces in Orange County, CA

This video highlights the impact of the first Makerspace I designed which served as the model for Makerspaces across numerous nationwide public school districts. It was my dissertation brought to life.

1st Intergenerational iPad Lab

Created, led, and presented at ISTE the world's first Intergenerational iPad Lab (2012-2013)

Created & Led - Coding/Programming Across School Districts

Created and led coding/programming across two large school districts. This included training families, educators, leaders, and students in numerous creative ways.

Leadership: Projects
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