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The Puzzle Cabin - An Airbnb Experience

Concept, design, website, and creation of the first fully immersive escape room style cabin.

Clues in the Secret Bookcase

Clues on the Walls

Clues on the Antique

Rotary Phone

Escape Rooms Created: Skills
Escape Rooms Created: About Me

Hotel Interactive
Escape Room Experience

Friends were staying in a hotel for the first time in nine months during the pandemic. I checked in early to set up an Escape Room series of puzzles and challenges for them to solve, since the state was on lockdown requiring them to stay in or on the patio.

Personalized Escape Room Elements: 

  • Clues connected to Chris Colfer's The Land of Stories which was the 11 year old girl's favorite book series

  • Incomplete Sudoku puzzle to complete for a lock key code - 11 year old just learned how to do Sudoku

  • Map of The Land of Stories 

  • Invisible ink message


Building & Facilitating

Escape Room

Learning Experiences

Escape Rooms are so filled with learning - critical thinking, logic, deduction, and creative problem solving. 

Below are two customized Escape Rooms created for a large multi-district conference.

They were later modified to use again for a team of Instructional Coaches in a school district.

Escape Room 1 - The Mystery in the Library

Escape Room - Customized for the Cotsen Empowered Learning Conference

Escape Room 2 - The Secret Room

Escape Rooms Created: Projects

Fun Learning in the Escape Room



Escape Rooms Created: Gallery
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