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Product Certification for Edtech Products - Mitigating Racial Bias in Artificial intelligence

Collaborated with, AI experts, educational leaders, and AI researchers to create the competency-based rubric for the edtech product certification.

Edtech Product Certification Rubrics

Collaborated on the design of the competency based edtech product certifications for Digital Promise.

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Audit Edtech Products for Features Supporting Learner Variability

Apply learning sciences research and the Digital Promise Learner Variability Project's Learner Models to identify existing features in edtech products that support learner variability along with other features that can be developed. Then, ideate and help design and develop features based on the strategies to further support the variability across learners.

Strategic Vision & Action Planning - 
Lead/Facilitate Visioning & Co-design with Nonprofits, Districts, and Schools

Organizational leadership planning and facilitating the co-design of district and school site strategic vision and action planning.

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Digital social media

Competency-based Evaluation and Feedback

Faculty for the Masters programs of Western Governors University's Teachers College focusing on evaluating capstones and research using specific feedback criteria to support adult learners.

Social Media Training and Campaign

Led the social media training and campaign strategy for schools, districts, and educational organizations. #CotsenPTN, #WeAreRUSD, #LosAlShares, and for each conference created.

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Kids in Technology Class

Designed and Led - Framework for Learning Through Inquiry - Customized

Designed and led the Framework for Teaching and Learning applied to Inquiry based learning across schools and districts - each contextually customized. Includes: Progression from traditional to inquiry based approaches.

Innovation Matrix of Implementation Readiness Continuum

Created and led the use of the Innovation Matrix of Implementation Readiness Continuum while serving as Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction for an edtech company.

Strategy: Projects
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