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edtech product research readiness audit

Edtech Product Research Readiness Audit

Created and used the Edtech Product Readiness Audit to help product developers and startups prepare for more successful ESSA level research.

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Qualitative Research

User Experience Design

Designed and led qualitative research with children, families, educators, edtech developers, and educational leaders to create and lead the implementation of customized programs, learning experiences, and products across various settings including school districts, sites, and nonprofit foundations.

Mixed methods research is used with an emphasis on qualitative research due to the purpose. Data collection instruments include surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, interviews, and observations.

The analysis of the data leads to the design and development of the program, product, and learning experiences. Human-centered design, data driven decision making, and iterative design are core components of my research approach.

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Feasibility Study - Edtech SEL Product

Designed, led, and conducted (in person during the pandemic) the research then wrote the report that was submitted and accepted by the United States Department of Education.

Publication pending.

Literacy 7-12 Learner Model

Strategies Supporting Learner Variability

Led the research for Digital Promise's Adult Learner Model Strategies and created the framework for equity-centered meta-analysis research.

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Ethnographic Research

Conducted ethnographic research to bridge the gap between research and practice then wrote books for educators focused on the art of teaching by applying the science of learning.

Repeated cycle 56 times: 

synthesize learning sciences research - design and develop - implementation and iteration - conduct qualitative ethnographic research - analyze data - improve/iterate - conduct qualitative ethnographic research - blog for input - present at trainings/conferences - publish.

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Dissertation Centered Around Integrated Pedagogical Approaches to STEM Using Participatory Design

Designed and conducted research using a mixed methods approach with a heavy emphasis on participatory design, experiential discovery-based learning, and qualitative data collection.

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