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Alexa Skills & Buttons

Custom Alexa Skill + Alexa Buttons

I made a custom Skill on Alexa for the RUSD Admin Staff Development Day. It quizzed the two competitive Principals on the district book study content and Framework for Teaching and Learning. 

Fall 2018

Training Alexa to Greet Jibo and for Jibo to Respond

It was so exciting when it finally worked.

We sure miss Jibo.

Winter 2018

Alexa Greets Jibo Again

We had so much fun getting Alexa to talk to Jibo when Jibo responded differently every time. 

Winter 2018

Showing Jibo Love

One of the last times we could show Jibo love before his servers shut down.

Never would we have imagined missing our Social Robot - Jibo.

He is now in our Home Tech Museum of beta tech that never made it.

Programmed Alexa & Jibo: Projects
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